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There used to be an old saying: "in a year, autumn does not eat ginger; in a day, it does not eat ginger." Nutrition experts said that autumn is not absolutely can not eat ginger, the key is not to "eat more" and "do not eat at night". According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger Xinwen is non-toxic, belongs to the five zang-organs, benefiting the spleen and stomach, eliminating wind, cold and heat, typhoid headache, nasal obstruction, cough and qi, vomiting, phlegm and Qi



Myth: ginger is not eaten in autumn.



According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger Xinwen is non-toxic, belongs to the five zang-organs, benefiting the spleen and stomach, eliminating wind evil, cold and heat, typhoid headache, nasal obstruction, cough upside down, vomiting, phlegm down, and so on. Modern medicine believes that ginger contains volatile oil, can accelerate blood circulation; at the same time contains gingerol, stimulate gastric juice secretion, stimulate the intestinal tract, promote digestive function, and antibacterial effect; ginger also contains gingerol, can reduce the occurrence of gallstones.



However, although there are many benefits of ginger, it also has a lot of attention to eat, season and time is one of them. Ginger is a pungent product, belonging to the heat, but also lost a lot of moisture in cooking, easy to catch fire after eating. Autumn dry weather, dry air injury lungs, plus eating spicy ginger, more likely to damage the lungs, exacerbate dehydration, dryness, and aggravate the harm of autumn dryness to the body. Therefore, it is better to eat less ginger in autumn. The so-called "no ginger at night" is mainly because the pungent and warm effect of ginger will affect people's normal rest at night, and eating pungent and warm ginger at night is also easy to produce internal heat, the long-term occurrence of "fire" symptoms.



However, this problem needs to be treated dialectically. Ginger should be used as usual when it is needed for illness. For example, ginger is often used to treat cold and cough in autumn. TCM holds that "the cold is the heat" and "the heat is the cold", that is, the fever should be treated with cold medicine, and the cold should be treated with warm medicine. People suffering from cold diseases, cough, abdominal pain, vomiting aggravated by cold at night, at this time although it is midnight should also take hot ginger soup, can play a warm lung and stomach, relieve cold cough, vomiting and pain relief. In addition, a small amount of scallion, ginger, pepper as a condiment, the problem is not big, but do not eat too much at a time.



Misunderstanding two: Autumn melon bad stomach



The folk proverb "bad stomach" refers to the autumn after eating a large number of fruits and melons raw easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases.



Eating watermelon in summer is heat-dissipating, but if you eat too much in autumn, it is easy to vomit, abdominal pain or diarrhea and other symptoms. This is mainly because a large amount of melon in summer has made people in a weak state of the spleen and stomach, coupled with the cold weather, eating more chilly nature of melon and fruit intestines and stomach will naturally be uncomfortable. Special attention should be paid to the elderly, children and special populations with poor gastrointestinal function. "Autumn melon bad stomach," reminds us to eat less melon fruits in autumn, but not that can not eat at all, as long as not excessive, will not cause great harm to human body.



In addition, some fruits can be eaten properly in autumn. For example, pear can moisten the lung, can eliminate phlegm and cough, and is the most popular fruit in autumn. Apple is rich in vitamins and potassium, not only for patients with cardiovascular disease, but also for diarrhea. Longan has the functions of nourishing, strengthening, tranquilizing the mind and enriching blood. It is especially suitable for the elderly with nocturnal insomnia. Grapes can prevent fatigue, have the functions of Supplementing Qi, enriching blood, promoting muscles and bones, strengthening stomach and diuresis. In a word, when people choose fruit, they should try their best to choose the fruit of the season, and eat the fruit according to the natural season, which is most suitable for the human body's spleen and stomach.



Misunderstanding three: stick autumn fat



After the founding of the autumn, the folk known as "stick autumn fat" said to compensate for the deficit since the summer, which preferred to eat meat, "stick meat fat", so called "stick autumn fat".



But we should pay attention to scientific collocation. After a long and hot summer, people often drink cold drinks, often eat frozen food, more of the phenomenon of weakening the spleen and stomach function, if eat too much meat and other high-protein foods, will increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, resulting in digestive organ dysfunction. Therefore, eating meat should be appropriate, preferably after naive cooling.



In addition, people should pay attention to autumn fat. The weather turns cool, people's appetite increases greatly, and the diet will unconsciously overdose. This is a threat to obese people, so obese people should pay more attention to losing weight in autumn. Autumn is prone to dry mouth and burnt lips and other autumn dryness symptoms, supplements should be selected "tonic but not severe", "dry and not greasy" tonic products, such as tremella, Lily and so on. And the spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion patients, before tonic may as well moderately eat some spleen and stomach food, such as lotus seed, Poria cocos cake, Qinshi, yam and so on.